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Zarasyl 1.69 FL OZ Companion Barrier Cream 50ml

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For all Companion animals - it can be used as a barrier in the management of 

  • Hot Spots
  • Wounds
  • Surgical Incisions
  • Irritated Itchy Skin
  • Lick Granuloma
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Burns
  • Feline Acne & Scarring

1. Clean and dry affected area before use.

2. Apply cream liberally once or twice daily.  


  • For external use only. 
  • For companion animal use only
  • Store in cool dry conditions
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not for use in animals intended for food
  • Do not use on deep or puncture wounds
  • Discontinue use and consult your veterinarian if swelling, redness, irriation or excessive drainage develops at the site of application or if healing is delayed.

Contains: Contains Polyethylene Glycol 3350, Polyethylene Glycol 400, Water, Phenoxyethanol, Polysilicic acid, Sodium Chloride.


We were one of the first users of this amazing product on our Springer Spaniel’s post surgery wound after being spayed. The barrier cream had a miraculous impact on the speed of healing of what was a sizeable enough wound.

This was of great assistance in allowing Suzi get back quickly to being out and about without risk of the wound re-opening such was the benefit of the barrier that Zarasyl provided.

I would highly recommend this product for use as a barrier for cuts and nicks as well as larger wounds.

Owner of Suzi, Springer Spaniel

“We had a case presented with a 10cm mass which we removed through an elliptical incision. Because of the size and infection involved, we chose to allow the area to heal by second intention.

We packed the void using Zarasyl Companion until the time it could be closed surgically.

The wound closed entirely within 3 weeks with minimal scarring.”

Jon Todd, DVM
Caring for a French Bulldog

“Cindy is a rescue with anxiety and licks the skin under her legs, which get raw and inflamed and so sore, but impossible to heal.

We put Zarazyl on the raw areas and wrapped them so she couldn’t lick it off, and the spots cleared up so quickly!

So pleased with Zarasyl as it worked so quickly and we didn’t have to worry about infections.”

Happy Dog Owner
Owner of Cindy, Jack Russell Terrier

“Attached photos show the progression of healing. I applied ointment once each day
followed by a bitter spray to discourage licking.

The hotspot has dried up nicely. Because the ointment is thick, it seems to keep the
area around the wound less irritated for a long period of time. Very helpful.”

Owner of Kevin, Mastif

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