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Zarasyl is formulated with technology that Works

Novel silicate science

  • Silica is the third most common trace element in mammals and is essential for healthy connective tissue growth and immune function.
  • Amorphous silica is non-toxic via oral, dermal and ocular routes of exposure. 
  • In water it dissolves to form orthosilicic acid (Si(OH)4), the bioavailable form of silicon that's associated with healthy connective tissue growth.

Optimal Healing Environment

  • Semi-occlusive allowing oxygenation vital for healing - Oxygen is involved in numerous biological processes including cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and protein synthesis, which are required for restoration of tissue function and integrity.
  • Irritant free, Fragrance free, Paraben free, Oil free


  • Proprietary formulation that maintains a moist environment. Wounds heal 30-50% faster with a moist environment. 
  • Provides a barrier to protect wounds and surrounding tissue.

Antibiotic & steroid free

  • Easy to apply in less than ideal conditions
  • Competition safe for show animals
  • Non-toxic

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