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Wound Care

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Wound Care

The Key elements of managing wounds on horses and how Zarasyl equine barrier cream supports each of these 

  • Moist environment is best - Zarasyl is semi-occlusive which maintains a moist environment without blocking oxygen flow
  • Avoid irritants -Many wound powders contain old fashioned antiseptics that are a potential irritant and most of which have an inert carrier power which the horses system must eliminate from the wound before it will heal.  Some can delay the healing process. Zarasyl contains no such solids. It's totally water soluble and non-irritating.
  • For many veterinarians the preferred topical treatment is hydrogel - Zarasyl is, in effect, a low molecular weight hydrogel that is readily flushed away with water
  • Antimicrobial properties - Zarasyl contains phenoxyethanol, a known anti-microbial.
  • Granulation - Many clients have said that using Zarasyl as a barrier cream supports the management of proud flesh.  Zarasyl contains a proprietary amorphous slicia with a molecular structure tailored to provide sustained delivery of Orthosilicic acid to the skin.