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Timmy Dutta

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Timmy Dutta

“Polo is such a fast moving contact sport, good skincare is essential.  If your horse has a skin problem it can’t play, and when it comes to big tournaments, you need to be able to play every horse you have. Luckily we have Zarasyl to help us keep our horses in top playing condition.”‍

Timmy Dutta is no stranger to the Polo field, at the young age of 19 this Wellington, FL native already has some impressive wins under his belt.  In 2019, he won the Triple Crown of 20 goals (Herby Penelo, Joe Barry, Ylvisaker) in Wellington, FL.  Thereafter, he went on to Captain the USA Junior Team where they defeated England on US soil, which led to an impressive win of the Hall of Fame Cup (a subsidiary to the US Open).

Dutta feels blessed to have been born into a horse family and is true to his roots. Coming from a sport horse background, he is lucky to have grown up around the best equestrian athletes in the game. The most influential people in his career have been his parents, his Mother (Susie Dutta) who is an accomplished international dressage rider and his father (Tim Dutta) who is the owner and founder of Dutta, Corp.  These two special people have ingrained in him the importance of being a horse man first and an athlete second. With this belief, Dutta has built (with the help of his father) a great organization and string of fabulous horses who have helped him to accomplish a lot in the short amount of time he has been involved in the sport of Polo. 

Dutta has a true love for horses and is always studying other disciplines to develop ideas on how he can be more competitive and beat the competition.  He started playing Polo at the age of 12, which is a late start for many involved in the sport.  Prior to his Polo debut, Dutta was dabbling in jumping, which he credits for teaching him how to ride, along with his mother who would always tell him to keep his heels down and stop moving so much.  As he gets older, he realizes the importance of the basics, and how building and developing a good foundation in the saddle will bring home many wins. He holds this true to his heart and focus on winning before he even enters the field.