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Sorrell Klatzko

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Sorrell Klatzko

Irish Grand Prix Dressage rider Sorrell Klatzko, is not only a fierce international competitor in the dressage court but is also a breeder, owner, coach and mother.  Sorrell has taken many horses from unbacked all the way up through the Grand Prix Level and has also coached many riders of all levels to personal improvement.  Her dream is to qualify her own horse, Turbo, for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France representing her home country of Ireland. 

“Having tried Zarasyl quietly now for several months, I've had a many different chances to use it, each time  the results impressing me.

  1. When I weaned our foals, one of the brood mares became so engorged that her udder started to split 24 hrs later and was oozing. I gently applied Zarasyl all over her udders and within two days they were back to normal.
  2. Another of my brood mares sustained a nasty kick to her front leg, needing stitches and a cast, once the stitches were out I applied Zarasyl to the wound, it protected her from getting a big scab and also from the wet muddy fields. She healed beautifully.
  3. My athletic 6 yr old managed to give himself a speedy cut on his fetlock from some impressive lunging bucks!!

He is very sensitive and fine skinned and would normally swell be lame and have a long slow recovery. After a gentle warm water cleanse, I applied only one application of Zarasyl and ...  no swelling, no infection, no lameness...  I was really shocked.