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Kayley Knollman

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Kayley Knollman

Kayley Knollman is a 15 year old FEI Junior Dressage rider, trainer, and USDF Bronze Medalist.  She started riding when she was 4 years old, doing lead line classes with her sweet mare, Gracie.  In 2017, Gracie later took Kayley on to her first-ever Region 2 Training Level Championships where the duo finished in 8th place. Since then, Kayley went on to earn her USDF Bronze medal and in 2020 debuted in the FEI Juniors. 

Her favorite part of the FEI Juniors was the experience she gained and the memories she made, which will go on to shape her riding career and goals.  Most recently, Kayley took her off the track thoroughbred project mare, Lovie, to the 2020 Region 2 Championships and placed Reserve Champion at Training Level with a 70.1% , they also placed Third in the First Level Championships with a 66.8%.   The pair is excited to move up to Third Level in 2021 and Kayley has high hopes for the 2021 FEI Juniors with her Andalusian gelding Dardo.