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Timmy Dutta Keeps his Polo Ponies in Peak Performance with Zarasyl

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Timmy Dutta Keeps his Polo Ponies in Peak Performance with Zarasyl

WELLINGTON, FL. -- When Timmy Dutta isn’t winning games on the polo field, he’s working hard to keep his string of polo ponies in peak performance. Making it to the quarter finals for the U.S Open Polo Championships would have been impossible without healthy horses. Dutta’s biggest challenge: staying on top of the little things.

“Any small nick or cut can allow bacteria to enter the skin and become an infection,” said Dutta. “Florida is a beautiful environment, but you run into a lot of heat, humidity, rain, and mud. The fact is there are a lot of summer sores, scratches, mud fever. These can make a horse really sore and obviously stop them from playing.”

Luckily Dutta hasn’t run into any summer sores yet, but this early in the season he’s already run into scratches, on top of the usual nicks and cuts. Polo is a contact heavy sport and Dutta likes his horses to have as much natural protection as possible, including a healthy skin barrier. That’s why he relies on Zarasyl to keep a small nick from becoming a full-blown infection.

Zarasyl is an innovative new barrier cream that’s bringing human technology to equine skin care. Its formula creates a super moisturizing environment ideal for wound healing. The patented technology also includes a disinfecting agent, PEG 400, which has been shown to prove beneficial for management of inflammatory skin diseases, scar tissue formation and enhancing the repair of damaged skin.

Dutta says that he uses Zarasyl over any nicks or cuts as soon as they occur to prevent bacteria from entering the skin. Steroid- and antibiotic-free, Zarasyl is competition safe, making it the perfect prep before or after a big game. This barrier cream contains orthosilicic acid which is known to promote connective tissue growth and nourish the skin barrier. Dutta capitalizes on Zarasyl’s technology by applying the cream after a poultice or big game to keep his horses sound and productive.

Founded in 2019, Zarasyl is bringing previously unseen technology to the equestrian market and is fast becoming the most trusted solution to skin and wound care challenges for every equestrian.The company is based in Ireland and sold worldwide.

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