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Dr. Chad S. Davis

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Dr. Chad S. Davis

Zarasyl is one of the newest tools we have added to our “dermatology toolbox.” Starting in mid-season 2021 we began using Zarasyl as a new skin barrier formulation to use in granulation wounds, especially in horses competing at the National and International (FEI) levels.

The novel use of orthosilicic acid (Si(OH)4), the bioavailable form of silicon that's associated with healthy connective tissue growth in a topical ointment had shown promise in the lab and in our hands, desired and reliable efficacy.

We frequently use Zarasyl for wounds, abrasions, fungal conditions, sarcoids, pyodermas, folliculitis etc.

The formulation is non-greasy, easy to apply and doesn’t separate when exposed to the summer heats in the mid-atlantic (USA) regions where we practice.

Typical treatments range from 7-28 days with 2xday topical application via a gloved hand, cotton swab or telfa. Depending upon the area we have wrapped the product underneath telfas and other bandaging material without any negative reactions. Zarasyl has been effective, safe, drug free, competition safe, reliable and cost effective.