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What Zarasyl can do for you

Zarasyl is an essential for every horse owners first aid bag 

Zarasyl provides the ultimate healing environment for the horse

Zarasyl is kind to skin and is free from antibiotics and steroids 

Zarasyl can be used safely for competition horses (for racing, please adhere to the administrative rules for your state).


Tamie Smith

"Hands down the best scratches cream on the market!"

Steffen Peters

"It’s the wonder cream!"

Dani the wonder horse

“Gotta have Zarasyl on hand at the horse show! We is it at our barn on every nick and cut.  It’s been working wonders on summer sores too!”

casey Deary

"We use Zarasyl cream on any sort of skin irritations we have on our horses. It's great for scratches and keeps the skin really soft to help with healing."

About Zarasyl